Tag! You’re it.

Oddshot adds tag functionality to videos.

As we continue to explore how Oddshot would work with content that isn’t just gaming, we decided a tagging system would be the best way to go about this. Allowing users to add tags to their videos and search for videos by a specific tag or title makes finding quality content super easy.

This is important as we have recently started supporting capture from anything on Youtube and Twitch. Not only can you capture livestreams, you can now capture highlights from normal videos as well!

We are getting so much cool content from other categories that wasn’t getting shown in discovery, we decided to completely remove ‘Streamers’ & ‘Games’ and simply replace them with a tag page. All streamers & games have been migrated to tags instead, so, if your favorite streamer was LIRIK, there is now a tag called LIRIK.

This unleashes a lot of interesting opportunities. You can now tag a video with just about anything, which adds the video to that tags list. These lists act like little subreddits, where the community gets to curate videos for a certain topic. You can also follow any tag. For example you could follow the tags lirik, sports, funny and games. Your feed will then show you all the best content from all your followed tags.

This is the new publish page, which includes the new tag system with suggested tags depending on where your content came from. IMG from twitch.tv/mimimimichaela

The tag system is also built into the Desktop app which is currently in closed BETA. The Desktop app will soon be released to the public and allows anyone to capture anything that’s happening on your screen and publish it to Oddshot.

…And there’s more coming in the pipeline. More on that later. We are pretty excited about and we hope you are too!

We look forward seeing more awesome content (gaming & non gaming) on Oddshot. Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for updates: @Oddshot_tv / @OddshotOfficial

Team Oddshot

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