After trying to find the proper image branding for my book series, I know a thing or two about branding. My own book series went through a makeover many years ago after testing two ads with different graphics. The public had spoken.

It’s always interesting to see the reaction brought by your brand and what attracts more audiences.

Lately, I’ve focused my efforts on a new story. “The Return of Legends”. At least that’s what I’ve been calling it. As the title explains, these are heroes from the past coming back to our time and facing this new world they…

Facing Your True Self from

Unless you have a carrot instead of a nose, beauty is perception. You’ll have beautiful women passing under the radar while others, less attractive ones, will be seen surrounded in awe by people.

I remember one of my first bosses. She was short, stout, and square like a dwarf. But she was the life of the party! She puffed up her chest as her mouth boomed with confidence. As little or typically unattractive as she was, she didn’t give a damn and neither did anyone else. She was the lead producer for a series her company was trying to launch…

I haven’t written in a while because I have been very busy working on projects I decided to tackle and because life has thrown many challenges that I still have to overcome.

It too often feels like talking into a void here on the internet and I don’t see the point in sharing if there is no one to hear you scream.

I’m not here to tell you some magic words that will enlighten you about magic shortcuts in life. Reading this won’t give you any shortcuts you can take to reach your goals faster.

I’m here to say you…

I don’t know, but I certainly hope so!

Since the dawn of time — or nearly — men have secured positions of power by walking all over ‘lesser people’ like bullies.

Genesis 1:27

And God created man in His image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

A passage forgotten by most people, even religious scholars because it’s easy to forget what isn’t convenient.

This means God created Man both male and female as equal halves of a whole. And if this is made in ‘His image’ than god is also both male…

Say 1, 2, 3, Baby!

Making a Baby can be quite challenging as the average age of conception increases. It’s no secret, fertility declines as we age but you can optimize your chances of conception with these easy tips.

1. Your Body is Your Temple

Just like any machine, if you don’t treat it right, it won’t work properly. As a car’s engine grows older, using Premium Fuel keeps it running a little smoother… You may have gotten away eating all sorts of things years ago, but now you need to be a little more careful. Further, a developing fetus is much more susceptible to things than a grown adult and…

A Positive Doesn’t Mean as Much as You Think!

Pregnancy — The Things No One Wants to Talk About

It’s funny. You get a positive on a stick and you think you’re going to be a mom. The problem is, miscarriage is a lot more common than you know. Movies, television, they all make you feel like you get a positive and that’s it. Everything will be ok.

What they don’t tell you is that 33% of all known pregnancies end up in miscarriage. That as you get older, it becomes harder to fall pregnant. And that even if you do, it’s still uncertain if you will have a child.

They can blame a lot of things for infertility…

My goal here is to start a discussion. I am by no means an expert on this and would love to hear your stories and opinions on this.

The reason I wish to raise the subject is that I participate in in Toast Masters events where anyone can go learn and practice public speaking. Every session there is a vote at the end, where the winner is awarded either by the teacher or her/his peers (there are 2 separate award certificates). Though I’ve been praised many times for my speeches and application of techniques learned, I’ve never won myself. …

Why is it that in the 21st century we are still unusual to see a woman wanting to be strong, successful, agents of change or leaders, whether at work or of their family. Why does the idea of a woman being President or in charge of a country still raises eyebrows?

The struggle for women’s equality is almost as old as time. What people don’t realize if that women were not considered 2nd class in every culture throughout history. Why does no one speak of this? …

Three Times Three — The Power of Three

There is a reason why art, whether drawing, writing, or painting resemble its author. It’s who we have as foundation to root our imagination and serve as example to all things we create.

That said, each voice we express through our various Art, contains a tear of our own sadness, a laugh echoing our happiness, and a cry shouting our anger.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Don’t Be Afraid to Feel

Tip #1: Acceptance

Know you have the right to feel what you are feeling. These feelings are your own and no one has the right to criticize or judge you for them. If…

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard bad stuff about feminism. There’s a sudden trend in the last two decades to hate feminists and even women are speaking out against it.

With this attitude comes the question of, “Why do we need feminism today? Aren’t we equal already?” A lot of women don’t don’t see personally where there is discrimination, so they don’t see why we still need to fight for women’s rights.

I can tell you, as a white member of the middle class in a country that protects women’s rights by law and the application…

Odellia Firebird

Author of the Daughter of Flames Chronicle, a poet, philosopher, artist, and filmmaker.

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