Although pollutants pervade modern life, lifestyle choices serve as measurable mitigators

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How informed is your skincare choice? / Pixabay: andreas160578

In our daily lives we routinely “dose” ourselves with an innumerable variety of different chemicals. Our food, drink, air quality and all environmental chemicals we use and are exposed to have to be processed, circulated through or trafficked out of our bodies. As such the types of chemicals that reach us from our environments have the ability to affect our health in many different ways. Even in a diet or skincare regimen free from additives, everyday foods are highly complex chemical mixtures, and so the quality of our food choices guide the quality of repeated “chemical inputs” that our meals provide our bodies with. Whereas a healthy body processes the dietary or skincare chemicals from wholesome sources as welcome nutrition, industrial and post-industrialised lifestyles have introduced innumerable chemicals into our environments that are either unnatural or unnaturally abundant. …


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