I am one of the trees.

I am one of the trees.

I am giggling in green, vivid orange and warm red and the wind is tickling.

I am a ticklish tree with funny squirrels running over my head and telling me their stories.

Sometimes I am a shelter against the rain for all the ones that need a time off. I am a pillar and a roof, I grow my roots relentlessly and I will bloom in every shades of sun.

I will stretch to the sky and grow up to him because I can, I am a big tall tree.

I am here to be a hundred and I will live remembering all the broken branches, all the torn leaves — and I will love them deeply, wherever they are, wether they come back or not, because I do care.

Only humans can hurt me — carelessly — but I don’t mind them, they seem so lost in their big foggy reality, so helpless.

Not knowing their path, crumbling all over earth.

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