Female Founders Pitch Female Funders Hosted by the Expat Woman — Meetup. ( @ Pivotal Labs) #FFPFF

I believe Nyna Pais Caputi has managed to create a truly engaged community. Diversity is the essence of the meeting and you can hear voices with accents from all over the world, being different is here an asset.

As attendees, female founders looking for co-founders or investors, entrepreneurs.

I had the pleasure to attend the inspiring and exciting evening with pitch session, demo tables, and networking. And the honor to be part of the investor jury. Let’s come back to the 12 pitches

Investor Panel : Kate McAndrew, Senior Associate at Bolt Venture Capital, Quinn Cao, Angel Investor at Keiretsu Forum, Odile Roujol, Business Angel at Bay Angels, Hong Truong, Director of Summation Health Ventures,Renata George, Managing Director at Zenmen Venture Fun, Laura Marcolin, University Investment Associate at Plug and Play Ventures

All startups were not the same stage but they share one thing, the energy and drive.

The winner is Chalkup, building the world’s biggest library of teacher-generated content, is the GitHub for teachers. Lydia Fayal is the COO

Our second favorite one is Boon, a platform to revolutionize training in virtual reality (begining by medical companies before expanding to other industries). Ridhima Parvathaneni is Founder and CEO.

And let’s take a lot at other great startups.

Radar si a dating app based on augmented reality and machine learning for people who don’t want to use a dating app, especially Millennials. Nathalie Taylor Founder

ViridisChem is a software company with chemical, material and process analyser (web- based cloud and Saas solutions). Neelam Vaidya Ceo.

Arrowpass is Payments over P2P Mesh Network, at the speed of an arrow (and without wifi needed, so great for events!). Anjelika Petrochenko Co-Founder and VP of product

Peakfoqus is connecting community and caregivers for peak health, helping families to be connected to elderly or ill loved one’s. Minda Aguhob CEO

Lasting bond is a platform for couples to achieve more harmony and wealth with tools, education and advisors to achieve financial success. Megan. Dahlgren co-founder

Coridally is a wedding builder with RSVP and guest management tool. Founder Madgalena Lipinska.

Taygo and Beyond the dome also did great pitches.

And in the food industry ? Madame Munchie is California’s leading premium edible brand and won the Cannabis cup in 2014 and has sold 85000 macarons since inception.

Vit’a Water is the water you should drink, doing good to your body, and also helping people to. have access. to water.

As a reminder ,what I would say as about me as an Investor.

What type of startups you invest in ?Investor Background : Odile Roujol BayAngels member, that’s why I attended the meeting, even if also Advisor at NWC (series B and C) and @50partners incubator in Paris.

I check on my side that I can bring something to the table. For instance, even if having spent 6 years in the telco and tech industry, I prefer B2C to B2B. I like to have an end user or customer experience. If I’m a rock star at something, it’s at helping in the market fit and business strategy. I also check if I have a few ideas of introductions I could do at the right moment.

I invest money but also time. And I always begin in a few conversations to build a trust relationship.

I invest first anf foremost in Founders (people), then the Idea, and I believe it can Scale !

DATA : I’m particularly obsessed by data and platforms, as I believe it will enable to create great products and services in the future.

Let’s give a few examples of startups, I had great conversations with and which are in early stage or Pre series A.

It can be data analytics and cognitive science to improve the customer experience and a e commerce site performance. Like Dotin.

Social media analytics, helping marketing technologists and CMO to better understand user generated content on Twitter and Instagram, engage their community and increase sales. Like Social Standards.

It can be data about Beauty, improving the customer experience on line or at the counter in stores. GlamST and So Choix.

MISSION: I like mission driven startups.

I like the idea of having an impact in people’s daily life. Let’s put forward a few amazing females founders that raise money in the months to come.

InHerSight, the glassdoor for women, helping them to find the right fit as a culture. Ursula Mead Founder.

Touch, an app and platform enabling sales people to better interact with VIP customers in luxury retail. Zornitza Stefanova Founder.

Mosss, a platform empowering Millennials to choose their interior design and purchase their furnitures inspired by great designers, skipping intermediaries, and saving time and money. Jude Fulton Founder.

What are you looking for in a pitch, a founder ?

First as a basic, reliability. For instance, I check when people answer their mails and if they’re on time when there is. a planed call, and if they thank people and me after an introduction.

It’s what I would call the « étiquette » (as a French woman), a way to behave well and show they respect mentor and advisor. Before even talking about investing.

Second, the drive and the vision. The ability to get the « big picture ». In a conversation you see when people are interacting easily, create out of the frame, and can go further with your guidance.

I check also they’re resilient and poised, as the ability to manage a team and inspire them, wether 6 people or 100, then 1000 is essential for growing fast.

Third, to be self-aware. I find female founders good at knowing where they’re good at and where they need other people to help them grow the company with their own expertise and skills.

So in a Pitch, I’m always interested in the why, the what, the how.

I believe the issue could be with the problem solution approach, people go directly to the benefit, and the technology, and skip the most important part in the vision : Why they exist, the « Why », what do they stand for ?

Most of the time it’s an emotional benefit, not a rational one. Wether you talk about connecting people, giving self-esteem or freedom…

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« Voilà ! » as we say in French. Have a great week.