Odile Roujol
Jul 2 · 11 min read
  • - save money, while having a simple way to have access to new clothes that match their style. And again, it’s fun.
  • - contribute to save the planet. Fast fashion and more generally women apparel are highly polluting industries. You make sure your clothes don’t finish in the garbage (as a reminder, the percentage of clothes used by non-profit for helping vulnerable populations is low compared to what people think).
  • Emily Brauer underlined that even she was not the expert, she could say sustainable fashion was a specific focus in her company. No surprise now that the company expands to men and children.
  • Let’s bet on new platforms in the same trend with specific business models, renting clothes, contributing to the circular economy, educating the customers for the best.

Odile Roujol

Written by

Data -CX -Beauty -Women. Advisor, Board member, Business Angel BayAngels @50partners, ex CEO Lancôme @loreal /Chief Strategy&Data Officer @Orange -San Francisco

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