Why Feminism is Still Relevant

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard bad stuff about feminism. There’s a sudden trend in the last two decades to hate feminists and even women are speaking out against it.

With this attitude comes the question of, “Why do we need feminism today? Aren’t we equal already?” A lot of women don’t don’t see personally where there is discrimination, so they don’t see why we still need to fight for women’s rights.

I can tell you, as a white member of the middle class in a country that protects women’s rights by law and the application of law, I see discrimination occurring all the time. I can’t imagine what women endure in other, less fortunate, circles. This is why we need feminism. Not for ourselves, should we be fortunate enough to glide through life without facing discrimination, but for others who do and have to struggle every day.

The reason I am speaking about this today is that I recently traveled abroad with my husband and noticed little things that told me the world still had great strides before reaching true gender equality.

A List of Unfortunate Discrimination:

  1. Arrive at Airport security check. I give the passports for checking. The passports are returned to my husband, not me.
  2. Arrive at carry-on luggage check. Give the small suitcase for tagging, the suitcase is given back to my husband. Hello? I exist, I am here, and I gave you the item. Why can’t they give it back to me?
  3. Family is traveling with us and their kids. They need the extra mattress from our room, not to break their family. I pick up the mattress with the father who refuses to do so with me and wants me to call my husband (who isn’t far, but not in the room with us at the time). Why? It’s not a big heavy mattress. Why can’t I do it? I did volunteer.

This experience reminded me how far we still have to go despite governmental laws having become progressive and addressing a number of discriminatory issues. Some may brush off these little things, but they kindle a bigger issue, one that builds a weak image of women. Boys grow up to think women can’t lift as much as them, can’t decide as quickly as them, can’t handle tough decisions of taking charge of situations. And girls end up believing it themselves.

Still don’t believe me?

I wish you could see the shocked look in people’s faces when they see me ride my scooter with my husband as passenger. Think that strange? Well, till the day comes when such things become normal, when people stop picturing one gender taking care of ‘this’, while the other takes care of ‘that’, there will be a need for Feminism.

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