Natural Alternatives to Pain Pills

In Salt Lake City, there is a high rate of pain pill addiction. This drug addiction can be tough to battle but can be fought when using some natural alternatives to pain pills. Below are some natural alternatives to using pain pills to alleviate pain, according to

Fatty Acids

Seeing a substance abuse counselor would be smart to begin weaning yourself from pain pills. Going to therapy and talking to someone about your addiction can help you battle your drug addiction.

When looking for a natural alternative to pain pills, you can begin taking Omega-3 essential fatty acids. According to, fatty acids help decrease inflammation in the body which can essentially help you move away from any chronic pain.

MSM and DMSO also says that Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) and Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) are forms of sulphur that assist in alleviating pains and aches that come from arthritis or intense stress injuries. It takes about a week or two to recognize that there is a noticeable relief in pain. If you are trying to battle a pain pill addiction it is worth a shot to give these natural alternatives a try.

Metabolic Enzymes

Taking metabolic enzymes are also natural alternatives to pain pills. These enzymes will break down any tissue proteins that can be linked to pain and obstruction to your circulation.


Magnesium is also a natural alternative that could be used to fight a pain pill addiction. This alternative will alleviate chronic pain from autoimmune and inflammatory ailments. Magnesium can assist with muscular pain as well.

Safe Alternatives

Although these natural alternatives will not give individuals the exact same feeling as say, Hydrocodone would, they still will alleviate pain in a natural way. You can attain these natural alternatives online or in store in order to avoid the addictive nature of prescribed pain pills. Using these alternatives will result in a much safer and healthier life for the long run.