We are happy to announce that 500 spots of pre-mining eligibility at first round has been snapped up within 24 hours. In the pre-mining stage, Tron wallet whitelist address can mine 50% OCT more than a normal user.

To reward more members of OCN community, 500 spots will be open on the Tron wallet address whitelist of pre-mining eligibility at the second round from February 21th at 9:00 pm (UTC+8) to February 22th at 2:00 pm (UTC+8). The OCT pre-mining program is the only way to get more OCT when playing DApps on OCDApp platform.

Here is the brief tutorial…

We are excited to announce that OCT Pre-mining Program is launching! OCDApp is a DApp platform established by the Odyssey team. As a pioneer, we try to provide convenience for users and satisfy users’ needs based on blockchain technology. In the beginning, we will launch DApp designed by Odyssey team. And we will develop and bring in more interesting and innovative DApp games based on users’ requests and feedback.

OCT is based on Tron (TRC20) which is exclusive to Tron and OCN community. …

Odyssey Protocol

The Future of the Decentralized Sharing Economy

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