4th-11th of June: Vote for $OCN to be listed on OKEx

UPDATE: See link to Vote and see the Ranking

Odyssey is happy to announce we are one of the selected tokens to be a part of OKEx First Round of Listing Voting that will be carried out on Jun 4, 2018 (Hong Kong time).

3 of the candidates will be listed.

The first round of the Listing Vote will be implemented from 11:00 Jun 4 to 11:00 Jun 11, 2018 (Hong Kong time). For details, please refer to OKEX rules:

See details below about the voting

Users can vote for OCN with OKB, OKEX own token, on OKEx Token Listing Vote webpage. All OKB will be returned to the voters after the vote ends.

After the vote ends, the top 3 projects have a chance to be listed on OKEx Token Trading area. However, OKEx reserves the right of final decision on project listing and delisting.

  1. Duration: each round lasts for 7 days and 3 projects will be selected. OKEx will initiate 1 vote per week.
  2. Rules: OKEx users and Prime Investors are eligible to vote.
  3. a) Each Prime Investor can only endorse 1 project. OKB is not required for the endorsement. The top 3 projects in the vote must have the endorsement from at least 3 Prime Investors to be eligible for listing on OKEx.
  4. b) OKEx users can vote by using OKB. 1 vote costs 0.1OKB. Users can vote on multiple projects. The minimum number of votes per user to be cast on a project is 1. The votes cast cannot be canceled during the vote.
  5. The OKB used for voting can still enjoy the benefits of our Happy Friday Program, but the security deposit from the project team cannot.

OKB Return Process

  1. Projects which will be listed: All the OKB used for voting will be returned to the voters within 24 hours after the project is listed.
  2. Projects which will NOT be listed: If the team wishes to continue to run for the next round, users will have to claim back their OKB manually. We will recalculate the score before the next round starts. However, if the team does NOT want to run for the next round, all OKB used for voting will be returned to our users automatically.

See more information:

See details on the rules: