A Complete Guideline for How to Participate in OCP Airdrop

Prerequisites for receiving OCP Airdrop:

  • Average holding position in the period needs to be at least 5000 OCN to qualify.
  • Successfully following our guidelines of participation (see below “Three ways for participation”).

Rules of procedure:

  • The first snapshot has started on August 1st (1st day of this month) at 8am UTC+8, and repeats daily until August 31st (last day of this month).
  • Same snapshot process of your holding will repeat on a monthly basis, over the course of 50 months.

Distribution settings:

  • 10,000,000,000 OCP will be distributed in total over 50 months.
  • 200,000,000 OCP will be distributed proportionally for each monthly airdrop.
  • The amount of OCP you will receive monthly will be based on your average daily token holding position in the month in proportion to the total OCN supply (10,000,000,000 OCN). e.g. if your average daily OCN holding position is 1,000,000 OCN in August, you will receive 
    (1,000,000 / 10,000,000,000) * 200,000,000 OCP = 20,000 OCP
  • Airdropped OCP will be distributed in 14 business days after calculating your monthly snapshot total.

Three ways for participation:

  1. Through ERC-20 wallets:
  • Transfer your OCN to a secure non-exchange ERC-20 compatible wallet.
  • Double check: exchange wallets are not eligible for airdrop.
  • Register your wallet address here http://www.ocnex.net/airdrop/index
  • Relax

2. Through OCNEX.io exchange platform:

  • Register on OCNEx and pass KYC, then you can purchase or transfer no less than 5,000 OCN to your OCNEx account to qualify for OCP airdrop.
  • Snapshot of your OCNEX account will be taken as usual at 8am UTC+8.

3. Through OCPay


Q1: I can’t withdraw OCP from OCPay; what shall I do?

A1: First you can check if there is enough token for paying ERC-20’s gas fee. Second you can try reinstalling OCPay; before this you’d better make sure to copy all important information.

Q2: I haven’t received my expected amount of OCP airdrop, what shall I do?

A2: Please send your wallet address and contact information to support@ocnex.io for help. The official OCN team will reimburse you after snapshot verification during the next round of OCP Airdrop.

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If you have more inquiries, please feel free to contact us at support@ocnex.io