Details About Odyssey (OCN) OCP Airdrop — First Distribution 31th of August

Odyssey (OCN) is happy to announce the details of our highly anticipated OCP Airdrop.

What is OCP:

As announced previously, OCP is OCN Chain’s official payment token, which will be used in Odyssey(OCN) ecosystem and OCN Chain to pay for OCN Chain services such as asset registration and transactions. OCN will remain as the official token of Odyssey(OCN) Ecosystem. Token Holders and Super Nodes in future will also be able to receive OCP as incentive.

Total OCP Issue Amount is fixed as 10 Billion. Same as OCN. OCP will be distributed only as airdrops to OCN token holders. All OCP collected in future by the ecosystem as OCN Chain network usage fee will be re-distributed back to all OCN token holders as incentive.

The OCP Airdrop:

The first of 50 OCP Airdrops will be distributed to our OCN token holders the 31th of August.

200 000 000 OCP will be distributed proportionally for each Airdrop.

See details of the upcoming Airdrops below;

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