$OCP 1:1 AIRDROP: Instructions on how to participate

It is only a few weeks left until the first snapshot starts (1st of August) of the OCP Airdrop, and repeats daily until (31st of August).

This snapshot process will repeat on a monthly basis, over the course of 50 months, and your Airdrop amounts will be calculated based upon the average of your $OCN holdings during that month.

Airdropped $OCP will be distributed 14 business days after calculating your monthly snapshot total.

200,000,000 $OCP will be distributed proportionally for each monthly Airdrop.

Read the instructions below on how to register your wallet on OCPay to be ready for the first Airdrop


  • The airdrop does not support wallets from Exchanges so please move your OCN to a private wallet to participate in the Airdrop.
  • Average holding position in the period needs to be at least 5000 OCN to qualify.

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