Odyssey(OCN) Officially Listed on FCoin — World´s First Community-based, Autonomous and Transparent Digital Asset Trading Platform

Founded in Singapore early 2018, Odyssey (OCN) is among the fastest growing blockchain project globally.

· Odyssey’s $OCN launches on FCoin, one of the fastest growing trading platforms

· FCoin enables revenue sharing and refundable transaction fees

2nd July 2018 — Singapore — Singapore based blockchain company Odyssey Protocol, a leading provider in the decentralized sharing economy and P2P global transaction space has announced its successful listing on FCoin after being voted as Top 20 among Fcoin´s community. $OCN will have ETH as trading pair. Trading will be available from 2nd of July.

Having successfully being listed in the highly anticipated trading platform FCoin, Odyssey (OCN) continues to show extreme promise and notoriety within the ever-developing industry landscape.

About FCoin:

World´s First Community-based, Autonomous and Transparent Digital Asset Trading Platform

  1. Distributes 80 percent of its revenue to FCoin token (FT) holders on a continues basis.
  2. Pioneer to use a “Trans-Fee Mining” model. The total number of issued FTs is set at 10 billion and will never increase. FCoin, the platform, will instantaneously distribute the bulk of its revenue to FT holders.
  3. FT holders can participate in committee election, or supervise platform transparency and conduct due diligence on committee members.

Read more about FCoin and find $OCN listing below:


About the Company:

Odyssey(OCN) is initiated by Odyssey Protocol Foundation, registered in Singapore.

Odyssey (OCN) ’s mission is to build the next-generation decentralized sharing economy & Peer to Peer Ecosystem. Odyssey (OCN) aims to reduce overall operating cost, increase marketplace efficiency and boost ROI of product & service providers in the Global sharing economy & peer to peer ecosystem.

To learn more visit the Website : http://www.ocoins.cc/home/index.php

Read the White Paper— http://www.ocoins.cc/home/index.php#whitepaper

Chat with us on Telegram: https://t.me/OdysseyOfficial

Connect on Twitter — https://twitter.com/OdysseyOCN

Meet the Team — http://www.ocoins.cc/home/index.php#tech-team

See our Github — https://github.com/OdysseyOCN