Odyssey Protocol FAQ Guide V1 (English)

Q. What is Odyssey?

Odyssey refers to Odyssey Protocol and is the blockchain protocol that OCN will operate within while accomplishing the purpose as listed below.

Q. What is the purpose of Odyssey?

Odyssey’s mission is to build the next-generation decentralized sharing economy & Peer to Peer Ecosystem. ODYSSEY aims to reduce overall operating cost, increase marketplace efficiency and boost ROI of product & service providers in the Global sharing economy & peer to peer ecosystem.

Q. What is Ocoin?

Ocoin, or OCN, is the currently ERC20 token utilized within the Odyssey Protocol and upcoming mainnet release.

Q. How do I add OCN to my wallet, and what is Contract Address of OCN?

MEW (MyEtherWallet) instructions:

  • Add custom token
  • Address:0x4092678e4E78230F46A1534C0fbc8fA39780892B
  • Symbol: OCN
  • Decimals: 18

Q. How is Odyssey partnered with Tron?

Tron is setting its foundation so that other tokens in it’s “family” of partner tokenized assets may share interoperability within both specific ecosystems. In this case, OCN will be able to be utilized within the Tron ecosystem of products, services and content providers.

Q. Who is the Chief Advisor to Odyssey?

Yi Shi is the chief advisor of Odyssey, a strategic partnership of Odyssey and the biggest bike sharing platform in Southeast Asia and Europe, he is a successful serial entrepreneur and a great visionary in sharing economy.

Q. Who is the project lead at Odyssey?

Ms. Sophie Guan has years of experience in technology development, international business relations, and business development.

Q. What future exchanges will Odyssey be listed on?

The exchange listing procedure is one that requires strict NDA’s and professional courtesy. Odyssey is present on many current, prominent exchanges. However, Odyssey will continue to pursue and engage in ongoing exchange listing discussions where we feel the token can have the most positive affect.

Q. How many tokens are there and how many are in circulation?

10 billion total tokens are created, with 6 billion in circulation. 4 billion made available through the successful Token Sale stage. Of these 4 billion, 2 billion are locked for transaction movement until April 22nd, 2018. Remaining 4 billion (uncirculated at the moment) are allocated via various budgets for odyssey project development, foundation operations, incentive pool for ecosystem development, etc.

Q. What is the roadmap of Odyssey?

Phase 1: MVP Realization (2018.2 ~ 2018.10)

  • OCOIN Wallet
  • Credit-Based Universal Protocol for ODYSSEY Sharing Economy Ecosystem
  • Rewarding Mechanism for sharing economy participants

Phase 2 — Ecosystem Establishment (2018.10 ~ 2019.10)

  • Integrate subsequent batches of sharing economy and P2P system to ODYSSEY ecosystem, with services across more standard product and services (like bike sharing) to more customized product and services (like accomodation sharing)
  • ODYSSEY will adopt latest solution to address inherent limitations within Ethereum Blockchain technology especially for high-frequency and small amount transactions.
  • ODYSSEY will also consider employ a strategy to deal with the scaling challenge. For example, by performing off-chain transactions in a safe and reliable manner, then record these transactions in the EVM at a later time. we will adopt that best solution as it becomes available.
  • Integrate subsequent batches of sharing economy and P2P system to ODYSSEY ecosystem, with services across more standard product and services (like bike sharing) to more customized product and services (like accomodation sharing)

Phase 3 — Ecosystem Booming (2019.10 ~ 2021.10)

  • To build one data and transaction system to connect all sub-ecosystems, leveraging the universal credit-based ODYSSEY protocol
  • Utilizing data across all sub-ecosystems, leveraging AI and Big Data Technology to increase overall market effectiveness, user acquisition ROI and ecosystem health growth.

Q. Will Odyssey be on Tron’s MainNet?

Odyssey Protocol is exploring migrating to Tron’s MainNet as one of the options, as it becomes available, and in the meantime we will be working closely with the Tron Foundation to explore utilizing their infrastructure. Our team is also continuing to explore the best possible blockchain infrastructure options for Odyssey’s future, which includes developing our own as needed.

Q. Is there a Official OCN wallet?

The Odyssey Protocol team will have an announcement regarding this by the end of March.

Q. How will OCN expand its footprint in the sharing economy?

Odyssey will continue to pursue and acquire strategic partnerships with tokens and services that share their core vision, technology and goals for the future of Peer to Peer sharing ecosystems.

Q. Where is Odyssey Protocol Headquartered.

Odyssey Protocol is headquartered in Singapore.

Q. Is Odyssey Protocol partnered with Qtum?

“At ODYSSEY (OCN), we believe in an autonomous and open marketplace that delivers greater efficiency of products and services, while offering reduced operating costs. This exciting collaboration with Qtum will help ODYSSEY (OCN) set the foundations of a seamless, open and robust blockchain system, bringing us closer to making the mass adoption of a crypto-driven economy possible,” commented Sophie Guan, Project Lead of ODYSSEY.

Q. Is Odyssey going to partner with Grab?

Grab and Grabpay are not yet directly partnering with Odyssey Protocol. Currently, and in the future, we will continue to explore collaboration opportunities with all kinds of sharing economy advocates.

Q. How is Odyssey partnered with DATx?

Odyssey and Datx utilize each other as partners by leveraging new advertising technologies and systems. Being that advertising systems are constantly advancing with new technologies, and are a core model in all types of businesses, we look forward to a continued relationship as DATx builds out their mission in blockchain advertising infrastructure. These advancements will be a critical component in Odyssey’s future success, as we continue to build the Future of the Decentralized Sharing Economy.

Q. Who are the cornerstone investors in Odyssey?

  • QTUM Foundation
  • TRON Foundation
  • Renowned angel investor in Bitcoin & blockchain startups advisor: Chandler Guo
  • Vision Plus Capital Charman and Partner: Yongming Wu
  • Preangel Founder: Lijie Wang
  • Tron Founder: Justin Sun
  • Former Venture Partner at Sequoia Capital (SEA): Yinglan Tan
  • Game.com Founder & CEO: Le Xu
  • BlockVC Founder: Kevin Hsu
  • KuaiDi Founder: Weixing Chen