My sentiments exactly.

I’m willing to believe there are good ways to do it now. I really am. People make false attributions, and the technology landscape shifts both in terms of what we’re building and in the options available for us to build it.

But the whole issue of spaghetti code — I think I’ve seen it addressed more than superficially regarding React a whole one time, and it wasn’t in depth by any stretch of imagination either. This is, I must clarify, true on both sides of the argument. Plenty of people are happy to dismiss React without trying it out because “spaghetti code.”

However, there’s also a huge population of web developers now who have been around a few years and take for granted that it makes sense for the whole web client UI to be scripted with synchronously loaded JavaScript modules. This audience is associated with a lot of things I have mixed feelings about: I see both value in and problems with.

I suppose it’s human nature that’s the issue — our need to confirm our biases, to belong, and to “sell” the things we like by talking entirely or primarily about the positives.

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