Building cross-framework components with performance in mind, a web component thesis

who wants to use a polyfill forever?

I think it’s worth noting that, in a sense, using a JavaScript web application framework is equivalent to “choosing to use a polyfill forever”. At least in terms of some reasons why we use frameworks and some features offered by frameworks. For example, React has implemented Component, which while not technically a “polyfill” for web components is at least partially a competitor. For example, with web components, you don’t really need React to give you the ability to define a declarative component.

Many frameworks implement around helpful things missing from the web platform itself. However, application frameworks will always have a place because I don’t think we’ll ever have enough consensus on one approach to building applications for some types of features application frameworks provide to be standardized and implemented in browsers — nor should we.

However, most modern frameworks don’t implement web components, so in this sense we’ve locked ourselves out of using web components in ways we could otherwise. Presumably this will change as the support becomes ubiquitous.

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