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Iconic Vapor: The Paradox That Gets Us Thinking

48, 50, & 57, these are numbers not great enough to make the last column on a Senior’s Friday night BINGO card. Yet, these are the ages at the last breath of 3 iconic individuals who have forever changed the way we think about and listen to music. It’s painfully obvious that , they were here,… and now they are not.

We remember Michael Jackson for his unique voice, dancing, stage presence and a brand that created an entire international sub-genre of music. So much so, that there is an official playlist entitled, “Sounds like Michael Jackson” on most major music streaming platforms.

Whitney Houston, has left a vocal legacy that makes it nearly impossible for a singer to even attempt to perform a karaoke version of one of her songs, without being embarrassed or put to shame. She had an undeniable vocal skill that paired so well with her ability to emote through her vocal power, range and stylings. In this ability, she was unmatched.

Prince, pushed the boundaries and barriers of what it means to be an artist,… what it means to respect the musician’s craft. He had an unparalleled ability to write hits, play multiple instruments fluidly, and all with a showmanship that made us feel the elements of himself, that he placed in his music. These 3 icons have shaped a generation’s idea of what sounds good and what a hit song should make us feel.

I wonder how their deaths might be shaping our perceptions on the abrupt finality of how our lives on this earth will end.

They weren’t exempt from death, not even death at a relatively young age. None of us are. It will come. And it’s coming makes us think.

While we have all experienced loss on some level. There is something unique about the collective sense of loss we feel, as media and conversations unrelentingly force us to face the reality of death. On one hand, I am grateful for times like these, because for a moment, it seems to lift the burden of small talk, and replaces it with the crux of difficult questions. Questions like:

“Is there a God?”

“What happens when I die?”

“How do I know what is true?”

“Is there anyone who can give me peace with death?”

These are probably some of the most important questions that we can ask, and yet they will probably never be “trending topics” on Twitter. Even so, there are real answers to these questions that have eternal implications for our souls. There is a profound Truth that governs and cares for our every thought, doubt, grief and insecurity. Should we seek this Truth, He will not be hidden from us. Rather, He will expose the beauty amongst the ashes that is ever before us,… bringing hope, purpose and Love incomprehensible. I look forward to continuing this conversation soon.


Of Ashes and Beauty

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