London, for Ramadan, advertising on buses praising Allah

On the eve of Ramadan, London wakes Muslim.

After the election of the mayor Sadiq Khan, also comes the Islampropaganda disguised as a marketing campaign. For two months, starting from May 23, on the famous red city bus will be displayed the words “Subhan Allah“, “Glory to Allah“.

A campaign launched by the London branch of the association Islamic Relief, the largest Islamic NGOs in the UK, with offices also in Italy, which raises funds to help in particular the victims of the war in Syria. The visual impact is strong. And not only that. The Independent, Le Figaro, Le Monde are some of the European newspapers that have already published the news. And the environment is already overheated.

Imran Madden, the director of Islamic Relief in Britain, told The Independent that “this campaign aims to change the atmosphere around the international aid of the Muslim community in this country.” The reference is to the zakat (alms), one of the five pillars of Islam that every devout Muslim has the obligation to respect, ceding part of his assets (in proportion to the possibilities of each one), to allocate them to the needy brothers.
On the other hand, Andrea Williams, director of the Christian Concer association, passed to counterattack by declaring that “if we allow this advertising of Islam, we must give Christians more freedom to express themselves.”

The atmosphere in London has changed. To witness it is the advent of the new Labour Mayor, Muslim of Pakistani origin, on which there are still some doubts. The shadow of extremism, in fact, has also come over the Londoner lawyer accused of having links with the Saudi world. Sadiq Khan, the alleged new face of the large and multi-ethnic capital of Europe, is now at the head of about three million Muslims living in the City. An important component mixed to the subjects of His Majesty targeted by terrorists since 2005, when the city was hit by a terrible attack right at the expense of public transport.
Even Sadiq Khan’s father had to do with the buses. He was a driver.

Ruminations, maybe. But alert observers and analysts have long been talk about the Islamization from below (through uncontrolled immigration) and from the top (with the conquest of command positions by Muslims). These are, perhaps, also ruminations, fruit of studies about the Europe that changes its face. The events, however, lead to this road. That of a West that is changing habits and customs in the name of a different religious belief.

However, it is not God that by May 23, we will seeon buses in London. Instead, it will be proof that even the rigid court protocol that Queen Elizabeth had to revise long ago, are reminders of ahistory that passes. The holy month for Muslims, which will begin on June 6, will be the test for that integration which is often only in words. For the moment we can suspend judgments, hoping not to find out, one day, that access to London buses is reserved for women who wear the veil.

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