So making fun of the mentally ill is fun?
Dr. C. Cat

I always feel bad when a joke of mine makes someone angry. I’m not a professional writer and I have no editor to keep me in line, so your response is appreciated.

I’m not making fun of the mentally ill or suicidal veterans. I’m mocking Republicans who revoked a modest law intended to protect certain mentally ill people from hurting themselves and others.

These are people who receive SS disability benefits due to mental illness and who can’t handle their own finances because of that illness. Perhaps it’s not safe for them to have guns in the house?

I find the photo of the half-naked guy who fetishizes guns very disturbing because people like him, sane or not, should not play with guns.They often end up hurting someone.

Politicians should be helping vets with PTSD instead of kowtowing to the NRA at every turn.

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