The driver, referred to as the “victim” in an initial police report, ran down Ferguson rally protesters in Minneapolis

State Republicans to Give “Get Out of Jail Free” Cards to Motorists Who Run Over Protesters

TALLAHASSEE (S.J. Newman) — State lawmakers in Florida, North Dakota, and Tennessee, among 18 states introducing legislation to tamp down political protest, proposed bills to indemnify drivers who “accidentally” run over picketers blocking roadways.

“If a driver feels threatened by pedestrians brandishing hateful posters,” said State Senator Trent Treadway (R-FL), “A little unintentional acceleration can level the playing field.”

“This bill expands on Florida’s wildly popular Stand-your-ground law,” said Sen. Treadway, author of the narrowly defeated Can’t-stand-your-in-laws bill which would have made it legal in Florida for sons-in-law, who feel they are being “talked down to,” to shoot their spouse’s progressive parents.

Florida Governor Rick Scott said he would sign the bill if it’s sent to his desk, or even if it’s tucked under his windshield wiper .

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