Mobile Apps for Golf Marketing: 6 Reasons Your Golf Business Should Have One.

by Roger Kingkade, co-founder of Offcourse Golf.

If you think that you need thousands of locations around the world for a mobile app to make sense for your golf business, it’s time for a rethink.

It’s easy to see how companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s and Wal-Mart are using mobile apps to grow their business and expand their reach. The question is, what can a golf course learn from what the giants of big business are doing?

The size of your business has nothing to do with whether or not you should join the mobile trend. The only thing that matters is your business objective; more customers and more revenue.

Here are 6 ways a custom app can drive customers and revenue to your golf course.

Create a direct marketing channel.

The planets have aligned perfectly when it comes to the value of mobile marketing. In 2015, 68% of North American’s owned smartphones. Mobile ownership trends have been rising annually with an even greater likelihood for more affluent demographics. 90% of all mobile usage is in apps.

Email marketing is still important, but there are barriers which can be difficult to overcome. Spam filtering tools and years of spam email marketing have made the inbox a difficult place for your messages to reach. Click rates below 3% are the norm for email marketing.

Push notifications from mobile apps are as much as seven times more effective than email. In short, if you want more people reading and reacting to your marketing, do it with an app.

Discoverability and Visibility

When your business is just a page in the giant ocean of the internet or an email in the promotions tab or junk folder of an inbox, it’s hard to get the attention you want. Claim the valuable real estate on the home screen of a customer’s phone and you suddenly become relevant and visible to your customers even when they aren’t using your products and services.

Add more value to your customer experience

Golf courses stand out when they provide exceptional customer experiences. A mobile app loaded with features like stat and handicap tracking, GPS, and whatever promotions and deals you’d like to reward your most loyal customers with will add tremendous value to your golf experience.

Better customer engagement

Having customers calling your pro shop during busy times isn’t ideal for either of you. Answering the phone takes away from serving people in the store and nobody likes to be put on hold. This is just one example of how having the ability to book tee times through a mobile app is a better solution for all parties. But it doesn’t end there.

Being able to congratulate players or members for great results or frequent participation is a great way to expand business. Reaching out to customers who play your course a lot and enticing them with upsells is a crucial component to driving revenues. A custom mobile app for your club makes this possible.

Stand out from other courses

Custom apps for golf courses are still rare. Being first is an important key to winning in a competitive industry. Create an image of prestige in the minds of your customers and give them a valuable tool all at once with a custom mobile app for your club.

Build Customer Loyalty

A mobile app is a genuine opportunity to convey sincere messages to an audience that is receptive to your business. Customers who download mobile apps first demonstrate interest in the brand then offer permission to receive communications. We’re surrounded by marketing messages virtually everywhere we go, but we have control over what is transmitted over our phones. Invite your customers to have a connection with your club through your mobile app and you’ll be able to cultivate loyalty through meaningful and genuine connections.

There are still more reasons to get a custom mobile app for your golf club or brand, but these six should be enough to sway you. Mobile is the way we live, consume, and communicate and the trend is increasing year after year.

If you’re curious to know more about a custom mobile app for your golf business, or you’re considering one now, or you’re ready to pull the trigger and start connecting with your customers in new and powerful ways, please drop me a note. I’d love to discuss how a custom mobile app will fit into your current marketing strategy to achieve your goals.