5 Last Minute Home Technology Gifts on Amazon

With less than two weeks until Christmas, we hope you’ve had enough time to get your holiday lights and tree put up. Hopefully you probably have most of your presents already bought, wrapped and either hidden from the kids or nestled nicely under that nostalgic tree in your front room. But, we know that there are always those last-minute holiday parties or a second cousin you will now see at dinner who you now need to add to your shopping list.

If you have Amazon Prime, purchasing last minute gifts may not be too big of an issue, but if you haven’t upgraded to Prime, the window for gift delivery by Christmas morning is getting smaller by the day. We found some last-minute, home-based technology gifts that you can order with delivery hopefully before Christmas. If there are two things we love here at Offerpad, it’s tech and real estate. So, of course our list combines them both. Here are seven last minute home technology gifts that can still make it before the holidays.

1. Floating Globe

Levitating Globe home tech gift

Not only is this floating globe visually stimulating, it also encourages learning for all ages. A high-powered magnet is used to allow the device to both float and rotate. This levitating globe has 88 interactive constellation 3D images, all controlled using a LED light. The manufacturer had another style in gold but it seems to be discontinued at the moment, if gold is your thing than we suggest keeping an eye out for when they begin selling them again. The receiver of this gift could place the piece in a home office or living room, allowing it to be used as a really cool educational conversation piece. Price for this levitating magnetic floating and rotating globe ranges from $23 to $100. We also found a smaller similar 3 inch version that is a sleek black modern style.

2. Flat Screen LED Lighting Kit

LED Tv Lighting Kit Tech Gift

Give the gift of light! These TV LED lighting kits can provide a cool tech feel, calm glow, or tons of other colors in between. Most of the kits fit flat screen TVs from 24 to 60 inches. They are easy to install and removable, so there won’t be damage done to your device. Simply stick the light strip to the border of your TV, then plug it into a USB port. Most kits come with a remote that allows you to switch colors and brightness. Costs can vary depending on your TV size, but pricing starts at $24.

3. iRobot Roomba Vacuum

Roomba tech gift

Looking for the perfect gift for someone that has everything? This hot holiday gift item may be it. The iRobot Roomba vacuum cleans hardwood floors, tile, carpet, and it has patented dirt detection sensors to alert the device to work harder and focus on concentrated areas such as highly trafficked walkways. It has a 3-stage cleaning system, that goes for a full hour and a half before automatically heading back to its docking station to charge. The high-tech vacuum will cost you between $200–400 depending on where you purchase.

4. Portable Wall Projector

Portable Projector tech gift

Do you have a son or daughter that loves playing video games? Giving them a 170-inch 1080p gaming screen will be one of their favorite Christmas gifts this year. Right now, the Vankyo Leasure 3 wall projector is on sale for $89.99 and one of the best parts is that the screen adjusts sizes from 4.9ft all the way to 16.4ft wall covering projection. Another positive is that it’s portable so if you ever want to borrow it for a family trip or outing, you can take a 16ft screen with you anywhere.

5. Air Fryer XL

Air Fryer tech gift

The Air Fryer XL would is the perfect gift for the both professional cook or beginner chef in your family for several reasons. First, it does an amazing job reheating leftovers. Secondly, it has a non-stick inner surface that makes it easy to clean with just soap and water. And lastly, there are tons of recipe books dedicated to cooking with air fryers; it saves a lot of time compared to cooking those hour-plus long meals in the oven. You can get this Air Fryer XL along with a complimentary 50-recipe cookbook for just $99.97.

At Offerpad, we value the importance of family and having a happy home. We wish you a happy and safe holiday season.