Should I Buy a House from Offerpad?

Offerpad is honored that hundreds of home buyers each month — throughout our 9 metro areas around the country — trust us to help them through their home purchase. We understand that buying a home is a big deal: on one hand it’s a financial investment for homeowners and on the other hand it’s a place to call home, be with family, and make life-long memories. Traditional home purchasing can be a daunting process and getting serious with a real estate agent can be intimidating. We’re happy to provide another solution for those wanting something else.

Offerpad is often referred to as an iBuyer indicating that we use tech programs to buy homes. In fact, we do use a state-of-the-art algorithm to help us determine the value of homes we buy, but that’s only part of the equation. While tech is important for Offerpad’s work, the company is more reliant on its people. We employ hundreds of seasoned real estate professionals who work with our tech to provide the top tier real estate solutions that we can offer consumers. Their expertise is especially useful as we sell homes to buying families and facilitate trading that allows customers to swap their existing home for an Offerpad home throughout our hundreds of operating cities. By means of our representatives’ expertise and our signature real estate tech, our goal is to streamline all parts of residential real estate for consumers. In addition to selling to Offerpad, many find buying and trading in with Offerpad to be a smooth experience that allows them to move freely.

Who is the Offerpad customer?

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We frequently work with real estate consumers with all kinds of differing needs and interests. We are a trusted solution for the first-time homebuyer as well as those who are well acquainted with the home buying process. Our customer base includes households of all sizes in varying life stages hoping to make a move into the house they’ll call home. Our ability to sell and buy homes makes us a one-stop solution for those wanting to downsize, upgrade, or just try something new. Our objective is to make the real estate experience more convenient and enjoyable for you, the consumer. That means we make it a point to cut out the stress, frustration, and confusion often associated with real estate. Hundreds of happy home buyers are taking us up on this offer of excellent service and convenience in the home buying process every month; maybe you too will find your dream home with Offerpad.

Who buys their home from Offerpad?

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Offerpad buyers are those who like to be in control of their major life decisions and who prefer to minimize outside influence and pressure when making life changes. Offerpad’s tech capabilities make it ideal for independent home buyers who want to look for their home at their pace — fast or slow. On our website and mobile app, home shoppers can search for a home where they want to live within the parameters they prefer, tour homes, and make an offer on their favorite all completely unassisted. All of Offerpad’s houses for sale appear on our website and in our app for house hunters’ viewing pleasure at home and on the go. Using our Instant Access feature, they can self-tour Offerpad homes any day, any time between 6am and 11pm. With a simple in-app tap of a button, interested buyers can easily let us know that they’d like to make an offer.

This autonomous way of home shopping is attractive to both those who know exactly what they want and would prefer to find it themselves (over having a real estate agent try to find targeted homes), and those who have no idea what they want and prefer to poke around themselves (as they begin to narrow down what they want most). Either way, while Offerpad home shoppers certainly can and often do use their own agent when buying from us, they don’t have to work through an agent and they don’t have to feel awkward about their nit-picky home preferences or wanting to tour every home in town. Offerpad’s home buying platform allows shoppers to take the reins and search how they want, when they want.

Is buying from Offerpad right for you?

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Offerpad tends to be preferred by house hunters who enjoy independence when looking for their home. With Offerpad, those in the market for a new home can search, view and tour homes completely unassisted and tour them early in the morning or late at night if that best suits them. The home shopper who feels that by soliciting the help of a real estate agent they might feel obligated to buy something the agent shows, might be happier looking at Offerpad homes on their own. Between our 9 metro areas, Offerpad has upwards of a thousand homes that are equipped with Instant Access and are totally move-in ready.

Buyers who already have a relationship with a real estate agent, can still consider Offerpad homes too. We often work with outside real estate agents and we’re happy to do so as many customers feel more comfortable with their own representation when moving forward with this huge life change and purchase. This may be an ideal hybrid option for buyers who like to see move-in ready homes where families are not currently living –maybe even on their own– but want the advice of their own real estate agent about the property and neighborhood. And if you don’t have a real estate agent but you want this information, don’t worry, we have you covered. At Offerpad we have experienced real estate professionals dedicated to our different market areas who are happy to provide details you might be interested in regarding any neighborhood where Offerpad homes are.

Buyers who may be better off buying a home the traditional way are those who prefer to do their house shopping on the weekends only and who like to tour homes when the selling families are able to show them. Buyers who might enjoy traditional real estate are fine with touring homes where families live and may be present, they’re flexible with potentially lengthy close dates, and they don’t mind haggling with the seller or competing with other buyers who may become interested in the home during lengthy home search and closing processes.

Offerpad has excellent homes all over the country, chances are good that if you’re looking for a home, you can find an Offerpad home in your search area that you’d love to call your forever home. Those looking for very specialized features, like a very large home or a very sprawling lot, might prefer employing the services of a real estate agent who can find a very specific home for those kinds of home needs. Others, who, like most buyers, are in the market for a more traditional home and want a smooth and independent shopping and buying experience, will probably find that Offerpad can help them find the home of their dreams. Feel free to check out Offerpad homes at your convenience, on your schedule.

So, what’s the best way for you to buy a house?

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With so many Offerpad buyers between our many operating cities, we’ve provided home buying solutions to great families and individuals who love how easy Offerpad makes this big life change. Trusty Offerpad fans tend to be most pleased by how we take the stress and mystery out of house shopping and put them in charge. Our buyers enjoy being at the center of their home transaction via our tech-enabled and convenient solution. They like that they can house hunt on their own time, buy with us and even sell right away with synchronized move in and move out dates. Most of all, they trust that we can provide the home and the experience that are just right for them and their families.

These are the simple steps to search, tour, and submit an offer to land the home of your dreams:

  • Easily search and find hundreds of Offerpad homes using the Offerpad App — available in the play store for Android and iTunes store for Apple users.
  • When you found what you want to tour, simply go there and when you’re within range, tap the Instant Access button in the app. Enter the code you receive into the door’s keypad to tour the place on your terms.
  • When you’ve found the home of your dreams, select ‘I’m interested’ within the app to be contacted by our helpful team or submit your offer online.

Is Offerpad right for you? Check out more about how to buy a house with Offerpad and about buying and selling a house at the same time with our Home Trade-In Program on our website or by calling us at 844–388–4539. We’re here to help put you in the driver’s seat as you make real estate moves and we’re sure to cut out the stress and hassles to help make your big transition a great one.