Should You Sell Your House to Offerpad?

Between Offerpad’s hundreds of active cities in 9 metro areas around the country, we have the privilege of working with more than a hundred homeowners each month in need of selling their home. We enjoy getting to know these people and learning about their selling needs and preferences. Many share details about their current move and why they chose Offerpad. They explain what makes our solution a better choice for them and what traditional home sale pain points they enjoy avoiding by selling their home to Offerpad.

Who is the Offerpad customer?

Kelsie and Kyle

We’ve worked with real estate consumers in all stages of life. We’re happy to help those selling their starter homes for a move to larger, more permanent homes. We enjoy being a solution for those transitioning from larger homes to smaller ones. And we’re glad to have helped households in all varying points in their lives move freely. We work with people in distinct places sell their home with ease, buy their dream home, trade-in their existing home for another in one of our available cities, and they enjoy doing it all with more convenience and less stress than they can expect from any other real estate transaction method. In fact, we’re proud to earn a 94% satisfaction rating from customers who have used Offerpad to sell their home.

Who sells their home to Offerpad?

Kim and Dennis sold to offerpad

We find that the majority of our home sellers are those who have gone through the traditional home selling process before and do not want to put up with it again. Selling a home is naturally a complicated process. There are a lot of moving parts and even a number of legal things to get sorted out when selling a house. What we understand at Offerpad is that the seller shouldn’t have to deal with most of these specialized items. People who sell to Offerpad simply want to avoid these kinds of inconveniences.

Another large group of sellers to Offerpad interested in diminishing pesky hassles and sparing themselves needless stress are families with children. Selling to Offerpad means avoiding home showings altogether. Busy school, work, afternoon activity, weekend and family schedules never need to be interrupted to accommodate home walk-throughs. Families with pets especially enjoy this feature too as pets tend to disagree with strangers and disturbances. Also, families with kids and pets don’t have to worry about occasional untidiness as they would when selling traditionally — Offerpad makes initial offers on homes sight unseen.

Other Offerpad sellers are those who simply want the freedom to move on their own schedule. Offerpad makes home transacting easy and convenient. So, when people suddenly find their forever home, feel the need to upgrade or downsize, receive a job transfer or simply want to get up and go, Offerpad is where sellers can turn to. So, if you’re thinking, “I want to sell my house fast,” Offerpad can help. We’re currently operating in Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Tampa, and Tucson and we’re available in many cities in each of those metro areas.

Why do so many people prefer Offerpad?

Heather & Mike Happy Offerpad Customers

Every 47 of 50 Offerpad-using real estate sellers loved their experience with Offerpad. According to information gathered after working with us, we found that sellers are most pleased with their home sale to Offerpad primarily because they got to skip the normal home-selling headaches and because of how fast the process ended up being for them. Here are some more reasons given by sellers about why they enjoyed working with Offerpad:

  • Offerpad does the heavy lifting for sellers so they don’t have to go through the hassles of the traditional home selling process
  • Selling to Offerpad is good for busy schedules and short timelines
  • Skipping home showings is ideal for families with kids and with pets
  • The initial contact, timeliness, price, inspection, moving services, closing and people make Offerpad a great experience
  • Offerpad buys homes no matter the season or time of year
  • Sellers can receive an initial offer on their home within a single day
  • With Offerpad, sellers can select their own closing date
  • Offerpad makes reasonable offers with comparable fees to traditional home sales while allowing the flexibility to close on sellers’ timelines
  • Offerpad’s customer service team is prompt, helpful and a knowledgeable

See below for some testimonials in sellers’ own words.

Is selling to Offerpad right for You?

John & Becky Offerpad Customers

At Offerpad, we’re doing our best to make home selling as customer friendly, streamlined, and convenient as possible. For many people in the cities where we’re currently available, Offerpad might just be the best solution for selling their home. However, depending on consumers’ home situation and priorities, selling to Offerpad may not always be the best solution for everyone.

If you’re interested in the many advantages listed above including, ultimate convenience, a fast offer, independence, flexible closing and moving dates, high-tech capabilities, no-pressure services, a smooth home transaction, and a hassle-free real estate experience Offerpad is worth looking into. For others who, more so than the advantages described, favor waiting for weeks or months in hopes attracting the highest sales price, traditional real estate may be a preferred option.

In traditional home selling there are always a number of small factors that could contribute to a more significant result. Offerpad provides potential sellers an offer based on the current market value of the home and from there only deducts for a service fee and any major home repairs not previously disclosed when the homeowner requested an offer. Traditional real estate, in some instances can provide sellers a higher sale price up front but after real estate agent fees and other small charges that add up, those costs become comparable to Offerpad’s offer. And if the home stays on the market for months, the homeowner could lose thousands of dollars more in mortgage payments, HOA fees, and utilities. In addition, there are always moving costs; Offerpad gives home sellers a free local move within 50-miles potentially saving selling families up to a few thousand dollars they might otherwise pay in truck rental and mover fees. These charges and costs of selling a house could make selling to Offerpad monetarily equivalent to selling the traditional way. The difference would be felt in assurance, convenience, ease, and likely timeliness. Additionally, Offerpad is an on-demand cash buyer meaning when we are set to buy a seller’s home financing can’t cause the sale to fall through. On the other hand, selling the traditional way to a financing buyer could mean there are other contingencies such as the sale of their existing home and approval from a lender both of which can potentially fall apart, foiling a sale and forcing the seller to start again.

Those willing to forego those benefits, and who are fine with the spontaneity of the traditional real estate market and selling process, could get lucky and benefit from an offer war from a buying families or individuals. Offerpad always provides our best offer upfront so sellers can receive the full value of their home but in traditional real estate there does exist the chance that competing home shoppers will drive the sale price up. Homeowners who are willing to bet that this might happen in their case (and fast enough so that they aren’t paying months more in mortgage costs) might prefer listing their home on the market with a real estate agent. Find more answers about how much it costs to sell a house in a recent Offerpad post.

Whether Offerpad is right for you and your home sale depends on your particular situation and desires. If you have struggled with home selling in the past, there is an easier way now. If you were overwhelmed with stress during your home sale or are less than excited to have strangers tour your home, there is a way around that now. Offerpad’s objective is to make home selling easy for you, the consumer.

So, what’s the best way for you to sell your home?

With so many Offerpad sellers around the country, we have come in contact with great people who love how easy Offerpad makes this big life change. The majority of Offerpad fans are most excited by how we make what traditionally is a stressful process, a hassle free and streamlined experience. Our sellers enjoy being in control of their home transaction via modern, tech-enabled processes and they like how seamlessly they can move out and on with their lives based on their own schedule.

Is Offerpad right for you? Check out more about how to sell your house and learn about how we might be of service to you and your family. Like 94% of Offerpad customers, you might just love how easy we can make real estate for you.

Offerpad home seller testimonials

Here’s what a few happy home-selling customers had to say about their home selling experience, here are some of their direct Offerpad reviews:

Offerpad is an outstanding company and really care about their clients. Everyone I spoke to and dealt with were very friendly. Definitely will use again in the near future.”
Joshua H.
My wife and I were struggling with long commutes to work, and between long hours and kids activities the thought of fixing up, staging, and listing a house was overwhelming. We wanted to make a move closer to work and really wanted to move before the holidays. Offerpad was able to close in two weeks and the process was simple and smooth. The free local move was amazing too because it took that pressure off as well. Really happy with the entire process overall.”
Craig T.
We heard about Offerpad on the radio. We filled out the online questionnaire in about 15 minutes and had an offer the next morning. The offer was consistent with the current market value for our area. We have pets that we did not want getting out of the house and did not want to have to put them in cages, so this was a great alternative. The ability to choose our closing date was great since we are relocating out of state. We will definitely use them again. Wonderful experience from day one to closing!”
Shelly H.
We really enjoyed the people we got to meet and the service that was provided. Our needs were met and the way everything fell into place was incredible and very satisfying. After this experience, from beginning to end, both my daughter and I are very supportive of Offerpad and its service. We would recommend their service to our friends and family. Way to go, Offerpad!”
Daniel W.
My wife and I are still stunned with our absolutely, truly incredible experience all-around with Offerpad. The initial contact, timeliness, price, inspection, moving services, closing and most importantly, the people. There is NEVER a reason to sell a home without using Offerpad — — I guarantee my wife and I will use them next time! Every employee there works with you like you truly matter. They all take all the time in the world, whether via phone or email, to help us, direct us, and answer all of our many questions. They never tire of helping throughout the entire process. Additionally, the offer was immediate and so very, very easy from our end. We sat on our couch and sold our home almost immediately! Amazing! I’ve now sold 5 homes, and nothing will ever take away my sincere appreciation for how easy and smooth this move was on my family and my finances. There is not enough good to say. I literally have absolutely no negatives. Not one!”
Tim G.
I was completely blown away by the selling experience. The staff I dealt with from Offerpad from start to finish were simply outstanding. The offer I received for my home actually exceeded what I thought would be offered. I was waiting for a gotcha moment, but it never came. I can’t say enough positive things about their service. This will revolutionize the home selling process for sure! 5 STARS!”
Tyrone S.
Offerpad made us a reasonable offer with comparable fees to a traditional sale while allowing us the flexibility to close on our timeline.”
Adam B.
Using Offerpad was a WONDERFUL choice. The entire process went extremely smoothly. Everyone I had the pleasure of dealing with was super helpful, knowledgeable, accommodating, and personable. From start to end the process was fantastic, so fantastic that I kept thinking, ‘What is the catch? Is this too good to be true?’ I cannot believe nothing went wrong from start to finish. I HIGHLY recommend Offerpad if you are looking for someone to do all the hard work for you and to not have to go through the hassles of the home selling process.”
Muriel C.