Accountant, Cote d’Ivoire

We are looking for a Accountant/Financial Controller to join us in Ivory Coast. You will be a part of a company that is bringing renewable energy to people living off the grid in Ivory Coast. You will be assisting our Finance and Accounting team and will be will be in charge of the following tasks:

  • Manage OGE cash budgeting, tracking, and analysis
  • Manage and structure accountants of our parent company
  • Consolidate and report on OGE company financial statements
  • Provide support for financial analysis on OGE’s income, expenses, products, channels, and geographies
  • Oversee Purchase Order tracking and fulfillment
  • Assist with internal and external audits

This position includes salary, benefits, and relocation expense.

We are looking for someone as soon as possible to help us in our mission to light Africa. Candidates need to be a CPA with several years of experience managing an accounting team and managing accounts, budgets, and reporting. This position will be based in Ivory Coast, which gives you the chance to be with our team and the opportunity to witness the effects of providing energy to people living at the base of the pyramid.

Lets Connect

If you think your the right person for this post, send us your Resume to We’ll get the ball rolling from there!

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