In our continued efforts to drive socially responsible breakroom programs, Office Coffee Solutions is happy to announce its new partnership and newly available lineup of KLINK Coffee. Every cup of KLINK Coffee supports community development programs and services to help people returning home from prison find valuable employment and become responsible community members.

All coffees are top-grade, 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified, and roasted locally in the GTA by Reunion Island, a leading sustainable coffee roaster and B-Corporation. These coffees are available in multiple blends and formats.

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About KLINK:

We live in a fake world. Anyone who has gone on a handful of Tinder dates can tell you that sometimes the truth is subjective to your perspective. Social media, virtual reality, television shows, even certain political leaders, have turned us into a collectively skeptical bunch. Now more than ever, it’s important to question the world and structures around us, examine our principles, and realize how our world needs to face facts.

As a someone who lives in, and loves, the forward thinking metropolis that is Toronto, I like to think I have a firm grasp on these concepts. I…

You may have heard about the latest in tea and health trends, turmeric. Turmeric is a powerful spice traditional to Eastern culture, food, and medicine. The plant comes from South Asia and the most powerful flavour and benefits come from it’s golden root. Indians rely on the root for flavours in their cooking, treating cuts & wounds, pain management, and as an additive in beauty products.

The active ingredient, curcumin, is scientifically proven to have many benefits to the human body. Studies have found that there are more than 600 experimentally confirmed benefits to the powerful root.

Some of the…

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We’re a full kitchen service provider to businesses across the GTA. We provide premium service, top quality products, and leading sustainable solutions.

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