Here’s how I did it…

I have the following items:

  • Macbook Pro (on Wifi)
  • FireTV (on ethernet)
  • Chrome Web Browser to play media content

Problem to solve (User Story):

  • As a user I must Airplay / Cast the video from my udemy course wirelessly from my macbook to my TV so that I can watch and listen the content while I complete the course steps on my computer on a separate screen

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Wireless play of video from macbook to TV without wires
  • Must use FireTV client on TV
  • Media must play from Chrome

After hours of searching for solutions the following steps worked for me:

Click on event link below

The best way to transition into a Product Management role is to start doing the job in your current role at your current company

As an early employee at a few successful Chicago startups, Ernesto will explain his experience of taking advantage of the many hands-on opportunities to grow into product management. …

It’s been over a year since I’ve released a studio mix. My interest in music production began with house music and when I came across an early DJ Tiesto mix named “Live at Innercity 99” my life was completely changed and I aspired to be a DJ as well.

This is my latest creation…ENJOY


  • Keanu Silva — Risk It All
  • Cash Cash (ft Dashboard) — Belong
  • Max Styler — All Your Love
  • Ellis — Fuchsia
  • Ilya Ozon — Close Your Eyes
  • Volac — Russian Style
  • Lazy Jay — Float My Boat
  • Defunk — Pretty Things
  • Nitti Gritti — Fear
  • Zhu — Blame
  • Oski — Gimme Some
  • Qunitino — I Just Can’t
  • Dammit & Gee — Run
  • Slander — I Can’t Escape
  • LAXX — New Me
  • Crichy Crich — Lambo
  • Virus Syndicate — Show Up
  • Tvboo — oozin

VR … can it be a thing?

Interesting enough I have moments in which VR really intrigues me. However there are other times in which I’m very disappointed in the lack of functional software that doesn’t have a gimmicky approach to it. It sometimes feels like a fad.



Product @FetchRewards. Former employee at Level-Ex, CoolerScreens, Redbox, Groupon. DJ, Gamer & Proud Father that enjoys building products in Chicago

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