Office Supplies Dubai

There is a wide range of Office Supplies Dubai starting from erasers, box files, binders, trimmers, markers, paper cutter, photo copy paper, whiteboards, tapes, staplers, staples and so on. Some of these products would be described here.

The white boards and flipcharts consist of board accessories including whiteboard markers, cleaners and board erasers, cleans and magnet. Besides, there are magnetic whiteboards, easels and flipcharts, glass board, fabric boards and cork board.

The desktop essentials include card holders for business purpose, planners and calendars among calendars, planners and diaries, scotch tapes, dispensers, adhesive spray and glue sticks in the glue, adhesive sprays and tape section. The writing instruments comprise of markers, pens and pencils. Apart from these products there are- removers, puncher stapler, mouse pads, pen holders, document holders, correction and erasers. You will find clear bags and box files in the filing products and files division. The cash boxes and key cabinets have exquisite cash boxes. The trimmers, guillotines and cutters department of office supplies Dubai hold guillotines on the peak. Archiving and storage comprises of folders and binders, storage and filing. The stationary and paper segment has a wide collection of sticky notes, paper, shipping and mailing products, envelopes as well as including note pads among pads and notebooks.

In each section the range of products are quite broad. Yet some of these products need special mention because of their exclusivity.

Like the magnetic whiteboards have many varieties. These varieties are- smart cap capture board of 42”, magnetoplan magnetic whiteboards of 900x1200 mm, 600x900 mm, 450x600 mm, 1200x3000 mm, 1200x2400 mm 1200x2200 mm, 1200x1800 mm, 1000x1500 mm, double sided whiteboards of magnet of 900x1800 mm, 900x1500 mm, 900x1200 mm, 600x900 mm, 1200x2400 mm, 1200x1800 mm, 1200x1500 mm with wheels and metal stand and magnetic whiteboards of aluminium frame having movable tray of 900x1800 mm, 900x1500 mm, 900x1200 mm, 600x900 mm, 450x600 mm, 1200x3000 mm, 1200x2400 mm, 1200x1800 mm and 1200x1500 mm.

The document holders are ideal for counters, reception desks, seminars and conferences. The selection includes- durable and transparent table place and name holder of 105/210x297 mm, deluxe memo holder of metal mesh silver and black in colour, deluxe magazine holder of metal mesh black and silver in colour, atlas beige coloured copy holder, 2 tier a4 and a5 brochure holder of acrylic for wall or table mount of 230x260 mm and 160x190 mm respectively, dl 100x210 mm table or wall mount brochure holder of acrylic and acrylic made 1 tier brochure holders of a4 12x10” and a5 5x8”.

The all purpose uhu adhesive of 20 ml, the 3m 20g permanent scotch glue stick and the 3m c-30 scotch red shoe dispenser tape have remarkable utility. These crystal clear and proven fast products have universal applications for modeling, for crafts, in office, at school and at home.

So for procuring your needs select from a huge range of Office Supplies products, Office Electronics, Office Furnitures of varying brands. Do not miss out on getting the products everyday at low prices!

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