A Renewed Pledge for #GoOpen

Open educational resources have garnered more attention during the pandemic as educators and district leaders sought to find instructional materials to accommodate the pivot to remote learning. For some, it was the first time hearing about these materials. For others, it was an invitation to the larger K-12 open community and the #GoOpen Initiative. In a joint effort to continue building awareness and implementation of OER, the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) and the US. Department of Education (ED) are announcing the new #GoOpen pledge and a two-day virtual convening surrounding OER later this fall.

What is #GoOpen?

New Developments for Fall 2021

About the #GoOpen Pledge of Support

State and District Level Pledge

Individual Educator Pledge

Invitation to the 2021 #GoOpen Virtual National Convening

The event will feature keynote speakers, participatory working group activities, and general networking time to encourage collaboration among participants. The convening will be designed to cover an array of topics relevant to open education, including diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility, problem-solving within the classroom, implementation, and scaling initiatives. Together with the pledge, the national convening will support leaders across the education system to share knowledge and collectively work to expand access to high-quality open educational resources and provide equitable access and opportunities to every learner across the country. The event will be free of charge and registration is required. Zoom information will be forthcoming.

Additional details about how to take the pledge are forthcoming. Check the #GoOpen Pledge Page [link] follow this blog, and the #GoOpen Network (@#GoOpenNetwork), OET, and ISKME Twitter accounts, for more information

Questions? Contact: info@goopen.us



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