Give Your Security Guard Clients More Than They Expect

Meeting and Exceeding Your Client’s Expectations. Read the Full Article: Give Your Security Guard Clients More Than They Expect.

Whether you are a security guard company with one customer or a thousand, your job is to give your customers more than they expect by always going the extra mile. When you commit to going above and beyond for your customers, three things will happen.

  1. They will become more loyal because they know that you care about their business.
  2. They will become champions for your company within their organization.
  3. Most importantly, they will share their experience with their colleagues and friends.

Giving more than your customers expect is a great way to improve your security guard clients’ “Customer Experience”. In fact, there are many instances of companies using a Customer Experience Strategy to improve customer loyalty. Consider the company that includes free overnight shipping with your purchase. Or an airline that gives complimentary drinks and snacks.

Customer Experience is the New Battleground

So if you’re wondering “How does Customer Experience differ from Customer Service?” it can be explained this way. Customer Experience is the relationship that your clients have with your entire company. That Customer Experience is a function of:

  • What they want
  • What they see
  • What they think
  • What they feel
  • What they like

It begins the moment that your client identifies their need for security guard service and ends way after the contract has been signed. So what would you like your security guard clients to experience the next time they interact with your company? How will they feel with just the bare minimum?

Written By: Courtney Sparkman

Revised By: Deidra Martnez