How Do You Compare To Top Security Company Managers?

You manage a security guard company: How Do You Compare To Top Security Company Managers?

After years of speaking to security guard companies, I began to notice some traits that many of the top security company managers had in common. Now, I’m sharing these common characteristics with you.


Managing a security guard company is a constant challenge. You will always have more than your fair share of obstacles to overcome. So remember, it’s not about the challenge itself, it’s about how you face and overcome it.


As a manager, you have to be supremely confident in your ability to overcome any obstacle. That is especially true at times when the haters, naysayers, and even your closest friends are telling you to just give up.


It takes time. Building a great team, developing your infrastructure, and finding the right clients takes years of hard work. If you want to build a top security company, it is going to be a long-term investment.


If making money is your reason for owning a security guard company, stop now. Top security company managers are great at what they do because they love their jobs. Love what you do. The money will come later.


Whether it is providing upscale security officers when billing rates are trending down, or investing in new technology when other companies won’t, top managers always have a way of separating themselves from the pack.

Use Technology

Technology helps managers and other employees at top security companies accomplish more work in a shorter period of time. In other words, technology helps these companies do more with less.

Customer Focused

More so than any other trait, the top security company managers and owners are obsessed with providing great customer experiences. 
They know that their success is all about customer satisfaction.

Becoming a great owner or manager of a security company is something that you can grow into. Check off the characteristics in this list that you possess and then get to work on cultivating the others.

Revised by: Chai Nguyen