It’s Time For Your Annual Security Guard Company Review

Questions to Ask in a Security Guard Company Review

Questions I find myself asking in my yearly business review are:

Question #1: Are you changing with the times? Having a security guard company in 2016 means being able to recognize opportunities in the market.

Question #2: Are you underestimating your competition? You know many security guard companies feel the need to compete solely on price. .

Question #3: Have you differentiated yourself from your competition? If you are still focused on telling prospects about how well-trained your officers are or about the quality of your hiring process you’ve missed the boat.

Question #4: Are you talking with your customers enough? It is your understanding of your customers’ pains, value, and behavior that allow you to truly understand them.

Question #5: How effective is your sales and marketing? As I talk about in our FREE eBook All The Things No One Told You About Selling Security Guard Services, the buying process has changed.

Question #6: Have you lost ground on your margins? When I was selling security guard services I learned that profit, not revenue, was the name of the game.

Question #7: Do you know your numbers? For this question, I am talking about your general financials status.

Question #8: Are you operating efficiently? If time is money, then efficiency is profit!

Question #9: Are you getting in the way of your own success? As an owner, manager, or leader of a security team are you sabotaging your own progress?

Question #10: Has the value of your network increased? Your network is one of your most valuable resources.

Now you know the questions you should be asking yourself for a non-financial security guard company review!

Written By: Courtney Sparkman

Revised By: Deidra Martinez

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