My Misadventures in the Security Guard Industry

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I often reminisce about my time helping start and manage my family’s security guard company and I can’t believe that I made it through all the challenges. In fact, the security guard industry at certain points has been the bane of my existence, but at the same time the most fun that I’ve ever had. These have been irreplaceable times in my life that I look back on with both a grimace and a grin. I’ve learned so many lessons about people, business, and life in general that I wouldn’t trade-in my experiences for anything.

The security guard industry is a people industry, so we’ve all run into some great people and some real characters. Some lifelong friends, and some we gladly bid good riddance.

We definitely have stories we have accumulated over the years. In the many years of my tenure I’ve seen everything from guards praying on duty, employee tag-team thievery, witnessing guards profiting by parking cars on the job, and employees going to very strange lengths to avoid termination.

The stories range from the crazy to the mundane and are as varied and unique as the posts they took place on. Although danger comes with the uniform, humor often follows as well. With hours on duty, comic relief is often a welcome friend. With every day different than the last and every day bringing new challenges and experiences the phrase “never a dull moment” is both ironic and bears new meaning. Long shifts can bring both boredom and laughter. I’m sure we can all agree that expecting the unexpected comes with the badge.

Original Article by: Courtney Sparkman

Revised by: Deidra Martinez

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