Security Companies Need Security Guard Management Software

Still using paper? Read up on whether or not Security Guard Companies Need Security Guard Managment Software.

I often get asked how I came to be involved with a security guard management software company. I thought I would share my story with you. Prior to working in the security guard industry I was a market researcher, I relied heavily on software, data, and technology. I discovered that there were some definite drawbacks to relying on paper reports to communicate information to customers or just managing. I knew security guard companies needed a faster and easier way of managing information.

Challenge #1: Sending Incident Reports To Customer

My understanding of how inefficient paper reports were first began because of what had become a Monday morning ritual. On Monday mornings we would receive calls from customers who were upset because there had been an incident at their site over the weekend and they didn’t have an incident report. Many times it wasn’t because our officers weren’t doing their jobs, it was because our process for reviewing incident reports took some time. Customers wanted information faster.

Challenge #2: Timesheets

My next clue that paper was inefficient was the amount of time that we were devoting to processing payroll. Because we used paper timesheets, we often had to send supervisors to collect timesheets from the field. Once those paper timesheets were collected, it was usually a 2–3 day process. We spent 4–6 days a month on payroll. That’s one week of productivity per month up in smoke. Security Guard Management Software

Based on my experiences in the security guard industry, our company has created security guard management software that is 1) Easy for security officers to use; 2) Comprehensive and; 3) Affordable. Of those three characteristics, we believe that ease of use is the key to ensuring that our customers are successful in better managing their businesses, maintaining their current customer base, and winning new business.

If you are facing some of the same paper-based challenges that I, or many other security guard companies face, please feel free to sign up for a free 30-day trial of our security guard management software to see our software in action.

Written By: Courtney Sparkman

Revised: Deidra Martinez