Security Guard Management Software, Great For Primes and Subs

Security Guard Management Software: Great for Primes and Subs

Using security guard management software, such as, is a great tool for enhancing performance, accountability and relationships between primary security guarding companies and their subcontractors for large and complex service agreements.

Employing security guard management software improves your operational performance in several ways:

First, by eliminating payroll intensive tasks — collecting handwritten reports, verifying guard tours, outdated time and attendance monitoring, etc.

Second, that improvement in operations will also contribute to client retention.

Third, it facilitates your ability to leverage direct operating costs and enhance gross margins and profitability.

Finally, it is an important asset in your sales strategy to make you more competitive and attractive in the tough arena of the RFP/RFB process.


As a prime, requiring or facilitating the subcontractor’s use of software provides you the ability to have immediate monitoring of the subcontractor’s performance. Your subs use of this type of software puts the ability to log in and review records in real-time at your management team’s fingertips.

You commonly serve as the “face” of the combined team. As a result, you are typically the one that receives the client’s calls, inquiries, and frequently have to substantiate the performance of both companies during the term of the contract.

Having this immediate electronic record of reporting, tour activity and timekeeping is a critical tool to demonstrate and substantiate to a questioning client that they are indeed receiving the quality of service and execution of tasks that the contract requires.


Utilizing these types of technologies gives you a competitive edge in being selected as a subcontractor by the larger primary companies because employing such technology provides immediate accountability. Through this accountability of good performance, your business relationships with your primary contractors are strengthened and can be expanded.

Thanks for reading. Please share your experience using Security Guard Management Software with primes OR subs!

Revised by: Chai Nguyen

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