Security Guard Tips To Share With A New Security Guard

I was talking with a client about the importance of providing officers with an appropriate level of training. That started me thinking about the employee orientation that we provided. The orientation was pretty comprehensive, but there are a few things we missed. If I were going to do it again, I would include some real world, common sense security guard tips. Here are a few of the tips:

Learn to be professional without trying to be friends. Attempt to build professional relationships that make the client love having you there. That type of relationship makes you more valuable to the client and the security company.

The difference of the billing rate minus the wage rate is not what the company makes on the contract. Despite all of the rumors security officers hear about how much the company is raking in, the company is not that profitable.

Complaining to the client about how much you make as a security officer doesn’t get you a raise. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard about officers complaining to clients about pay. On a few occasions the client asked for the security officer to be removed from the site. It’s unprofessional, and doesn’t bode well.

Not signing your write-up doesn’t really mean anything. When you are disciplined, whether or not you sign your write-up, it makes no difference. If you don’t sign it, a witness signs it stating that you were informed but didn’t sign.

Take responsibility for your own actions. Taking responsibility will help ensure that the contract for the site that you are working is successful. Taking responsibility will almost guarantee your success with any security company.

Written By: Courtney Sparkman

Revised By: Deidra Martinez

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