What To Do With A Poor Customer Mix?

Answer This One Question to Solve Three Big Problems: What Is Your Security Company’s Customer Mix? Part 2

Last weeks post asked you what your security guard company’s customer mix looked like. This week we are following up with:

What To Do With A Poor Customer Mix

Having a poor customer mix is not an easy problem to solve in the security guard industry. Long sales cycles and stiff competition ensure that acquiring new customers is always a challenge. As you examine your customer mix, keep in mind that most experts define “poor customer mix” as having one customer that represents more than 20% of your gross revenue. So if that sounds like your company, here are a few tips for you.

First, after you get that big client make sure that you meet and build relationships with everyone in the buying process. You need more than one champion for your company in your client’s buying process. I recently spoke to a security guard company whose contract was going out to bid because their biggest advocate and only point of contact at the customer had left the company.

Second, think profitability and not revenue. It’s a tempting trap, especially for smaller security guard companies, to marvel at that big top number. But in the long run, you are better served by devoting your resources to finding more profitable customer contracts.


For small to medium-sized companies, when you land a big customer it is a perfect time to try to win a few more to help optimize your customer mix. The momentum that you gain from winning that big customer can often help you win your second. Your second can help you win your third, and so on, and so on.

Have you ever had problems with your customer mix? If so how did you fix it? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Revised by: Chai Nguyen