Illustrated by Alexandrine Allard

For Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to shed light on the importance of opening up conversations and breaking down stigma around mental wellbeing at work. With the added stressors that come with navigating uncertainty and working from a distance, employees feeling comfortable to speak up about things like burnout and isolation is especially important.

Of over 3,000 respondents to our new remote work poll, 1 in 3 employees report feeling uncomfortable in isolation. Understanding how people are feeling is the first step to offering support.

“Listening now is vital for resilience. It’s a way to be good to each…

Illustrated by Valerie Gatien

At Officevibe we believe if we want employees to succeed, the managers who guide them need guidance as well.

The complete set of tools for managers have been created in this spirit. Our toolbox includes frameworks, templates, tools, exercises and more to help the manager to build their management expertise.

Manager Experience = Employee Experience = Customer Experience

Written by the Officevibe Content Team, Illustrated by Thaïla Khampo

Looking back on your career so far, who was the one person that really made a difference? Whether it’s an old boss, a teacher, or mentor, we’ve all had one — and if we’re lucky, we’ve had a few.

This person did more than teach you how to accomplish tasks and hit deadlines. They taught you how to ask questions and to carry yourself, personally and professionally. They empowered you to think differently, find your own solutions and take on new challenges. …

Written by Michael Scheiner and Nora St-Aubin, Illustrated by Chloe Allard

“This piece was sent to the Officevibe community via our newsletter on October 30, 2019.”

The foremost goal of managers today is to help employees do the best job they can by making them feel the most engaged at work. Management is the human interface between an employee’s personal and professional goals and their development within the company.

What does this look like in practice? A modern era of performance management, one in which annual reviews are replaced with regular, meaningful conversations, and employees have a clear path forward…

Written by the Officevibe Content Team

If you’ve ever taken part in team-building events or activities, thinking about them might stir up some strong feelings.

You might feel genuine excitement — you’ve experienced the way team-building activities form stronger bonds, bring out new perspectives and approaches to problem solving, and of course, how this boosts collaboration and camaraderie back at the office.

On the other hand, if you haven’t experienced successful team-building events, you might roll your eyes at the very thought of them, knowing that when they’re not done right, they can be boring and even awkward.

With the…


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