Artifact of the Month

One of the items in the Alamo Collection is a law book published in 1827. Entitled Laws of the United States of America, the book contains a blank page in the front that bears the following inscription: “David Crockett his Book Presented by David Crockett To his Friend Enos Tucker this 31st July 1828.

Donated by J.P. Kimbrell, we have always displayed it as an artifact connected to the well-known Alamo defender. However, last month (January 2018), descendants of Enos Tucker visited the Alamo and shared their knowledge of their ancestor with the curatorial staff.

Sandra and Geron S. Tucker provided information that tells us who Crockett’s friend was. Their family’s history significantly adds to our appreciation of what up to this point has just been known as “Crockett’s Law Book.”

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