Artifact of the Month — September 2018

by Alamo Associate Curator, Ernesto Rodriguez

This document is a hand drawn plan of the Presidio de San Antonio de Béjar. It is believed to have been drawn during the Marqués de San Miguel de Aguayo expedition into Texas. Aguayo ordered the reestablishment of many of the missions in east Texas as well as the establishment of frontier forts. He ordered the rebuilding of the presidio in San Antonio after finding it to be substandard.

This document in pen and ink shows the dimensions and shape of the planned fort. The details are written on the back of the paper and include the location as marked out by the Marqués de Aguayo and indicates foundations were laid and supplies and men were left to promptly finish the construction.

The note also indicates that the Marqués intended leave more troops to protect the area. Unfortunately, this new fort was never completed.