At the Alamo: Meet the Alamo Staff

Scott Jones, Living History Interpreter

People who work at the Alamo typically have a few things in common: They love history, they love Texas, and they love to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with visitors from all over the world. Today, meet Scott Jones, a San Antonio native and former Alamo volunteer who joined our staff in 2016.

Scott, what attracted you to working for the Alamo?

Being a native of San Antonio, I have always had a fascination with the Alamo and Texas Revolution. I came to the Alamo one day to go to the gift shop to look at some books and saw these guys dressed in period clothing and said to myself “hey, I would like to do that.” So I met with Dr. Winders [the Alamo’s Director of History and Curation] and became a volunteer. I was a volunteer for five years and loved it. Now I work here and love it even more.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

My interaction with the public. I enjoy telling our visitors about the battle, but also about the material culture of the period: what the men of the Alamo would have worn, the weapons they would have used, and what daily life was like for the men and women from this time.

What’s your favorite historical fact, figure, or story at the Alamo?

I do not really have a favorite historical figure from the Alamo’s history. To me they are all important. The historical persona that I portray is that of a New Orleans Grey, whom a lot of people do not know about.

Scott leading a children’s drill during a First Saturday at the Alamo

What’s your favorite place in San Antonio?

I like many places in San Antonio, but I really enjoy going to the other missions, which share the UNESCO World Heritage Site designation with the Alamo, because they really speak to the history of this great state.

Any tips for someone planning a visit to the Alamo?

Enjoy yourself! Look at all of the artifacts we have on display and watch the orientation film, then go to the living history encampment and talk to the living history specialists.