City Council Approves Alamo Plan With Historic Vote

Photo Credit: The Rivard Report

On Thursday, October 18th, San Antonio City Council voted to approve two key aspects of the Alamo Plan, making it a reality. This final vote by City Council will restore reverence to the site by closing the section of Alamo and Houston Street that run through the 1836 battlefield footprint and by leasing Alamo Plaza to the State of Texas.

“Several years of research, planning and hard work are paying off now that the plan has been approved by City Council,” Alamo CEO Douglass McDonald said. “With this vote, we will be able to restore reverence and pay the proper respect to all those who lived, fought and died here,” he added.

The Council’s vote on Oct. 18 marks the final vote by the City of San Antonio on the Alamo Plan. The City’s lease with the State of Texas on Alamo Plaza will begin on January 1st, 2019. This will open the plaza up for new and exciting living history demonstrations and will allow visitors to learn about history where it happened.

“The story of the Alamo is world renowned and represents the core of Texas’ identity today,” Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush said. “I look forward to seeing restoration begin, ensuring the Alamo is around for another 300 years.”

The Alamo Museum and Visitor Center will house the Phil Collins Collection.

Restoring reverence to the historic mission footprint isn’t the only aspect of the Alamo Plan in development, a world-class museum and visitor center will be constructed for the Alamo by 2024. The Alamo Museum and Visitor Center will display countless Alamo artifacts, including the $20 million collection that British Rockstar Phil Collins donated in 2014.

“We are grateful to the City of San Antonio, the State of Texas and the public for helping us make this plan a reality,” Alamo CEO Douglass McDonald added. “We have accomplished something that people have been trying to do for over 100 years. This is a historic moment that all Texans can be proud of.”