Meet the Alamo Volunteers: Patrick Naughton

How Long Have You Volunteered at the Alamo?

I started in August of 2016.

What attracted you to volunteering at the Alamo?

Being in the military I move a lot to many different places, however, often times we are not exposed to the local community just due to where we work and the job we do. Therefore, I make attempts to get involved in the community in an effort to really experience the place I live. Being that I thoroughly enjoy history, the Alamo is the perfect place to experience the local culture and immerse myself in the past.

What’s your favorite thing about volunteering at the Alamo?

I enjoy meeting new people from all over the world and educating them on the Alamo and overall Texas/American history. Often times I find myself talking with those who are truly interested for 30 minutes at a time. The appreciation on their faces makes volunteering worthwhile. In addition, knowing that I made an impact on their lives through education and cultural enrichment is also personally satisfying.

What’s your favorite historical fact, figure, or story at the Alamo?

My favorite is learning more from the Mexican point of view. Anything I can learn about the common Mexican soldiers experience or about Santa Anna is something I relish. I also enjoy learning about the Mission Alamo period and the settlement of the entire region by the Spanish. The history of the Alamo and this region stretches back so far with many different cultures and peoples interacting with each other, all of which I find fascinating.

What’s your favorite place in San Antonio?

I enjoy the outside activities that San Antonio offers. Running or biking the River Walk’s far reaches is one of my favorite pastimes.

Any tips for someone planning a visit to the Alamo?

Don’t just focus on the Alamo itself. Expand your visit to the other Missions, the Main Square downtown and the San Fernando Cathedral; walk La Villita and explore the Briscoe Art Museum. Cap all of that off with a visit to the Alamo. Truly understanding the entire city’s history will increase your understanding of the time period and make the Alamo so much more meaningful and special.