National History Day & the Alamo

Last month we shared ways that our education department can help students and teachers with National History Day projects about the Alamo. Since then, several students have taken us up on our offer of help! One student was Maci Hill of Livingston Junior High in Livingston, Texas, who traveled to San Antonio to meet with the Alamo’s Education Programs Coordinator, Sherri Driscoll.

Maci’s GT History class is participating in the National History Day competition. Since Maci loves Texas history she wanted to choose a Texas topic for her project and decided on Adina de Zavala and her stand to help save and restore the Alamo. We think this is an interesting interpretation of the “Taking a Stand in History” theme to this year’s NHD competition!

One of the requirements for Maci’s project was that she interview experts on her chosen topic and she reached out to the Alamo’s education department for help. Sherri, a long-time member of the Alamo’s education department who has studied Adina de Zavala for years and presented on her life at past educator workshops, met with Maci and her family when they visited San Antonio earlier this month. Sherri was not only interviewed by Maci, but she took Maci and her family on a tour of the Alamo.

Everyone at the Alamo wishes Maci luck as she presents her project in this year’s NHD competition!

Do you know somebody who is working on an Alamo related NHD project? We’d love to hear about it! Email us at