Phil Collins Visits San Antonio To Unveil Seven Bronze Alamo Models

One of the seven bronze Alamo models.

The Alamo was honored to host British musician and Alamo aficionado Phil Collins for the unveiling of seven Bronze Alamo models on June 18. The seven bronze models were graciously donated to the Alamo by Collins himself.

Designed by George Nelson, author of The Alamo: An Illustrated History, the bronze models depict the Alamo through certain periods of time, including: 1744, 1785, 1793–1835, 1836, 1836–1845, 1861, and 1900.

“This is the end of 50 years of work,” George Nelson told the audience, comprised of elected officials, fans of Collins’s music and Texas history enthusiasts. “The idea is to present, in the most easily-accessible format, the deep and complicated history of the Alamo so everybody can understand how long and colorful the history of this spot is.”

Best-known for selling more than 150 million albums and as the drummer and frontman of Genesis, Phil Collins has become closely associated with the Alamo since he generously donated his priceless collection of Alamo artifacts in 2014. Collins fell in love with the story of the Alamo at the age of five when he saw the Disney production of Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier. “I actually thought it was just my secret,” Collins said during a private lunch reception in Alamo Hall.

Pictured: Alamo CEO Doug McDonald and Phil Collins

Alamo CEO Doug McDonald had the rare opportunity to interview Mr. Collins during this reception, asking him questions ranging from how he started collecting Alamo artifacts to his favorite musicians to work with. You can watch this interview on YouTube.

Speaking about the beginnings of his fascination with the Alamo, Collins said that it was the bravery of the Alamo defenders that captured his heart.

“At the time, I remember thinking that this is a very romantic, brave thing to do. To go somewhere where you know that you weren’t going to get out alive,” Collins said.

While he has won many awards and accolades for his music, Phil ranks the honor of helping to preserve the Alamo story as one of his most important accomplishments.

“I can’t count how many times I’ve been thanked for my donation to the Alamo. For me, having been in love with the place and the story since I was five years old, I can assure you that the pleasure is all mine,” Collins proclaimed. “To be involved with this story, first hand, is something that I never dreamed would happen and I am only too proud to be here.”

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