Meet the Alamo Staff: Allegra Zwaan

People who work at the Alamo typically have a few things in common: They love history, they love Texas, and they love to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with visitors from all over the world. Today, meet Allegra Zwaan, the Alamo’s Special Events Manager.

What attracted you to work for the Alamo?

Being from San Antonio, I don’t know what job could be more “San Antonio” than working for the Alamo. When the opportunity arose, I couldn’t say no. It’s amazing to come to work every day at such a historical site and key part to San Antonio, and have the chance to share that with people from all over the world.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Every day is different and I have the opportunity to use my creativity! Some days I’m working on brand new public programming and other days it’s an event we’ve been doing for a long time, but with a fresh spin on it.

What’s your favorite historical fact, figure, or story at the Alamo?

I can’t say that I have just one favorite. I’ve learned so much more about the Alamo by working here than I could have ever imagined. People mainly think about the battle when they hear “the Alamo”, but there is history before and after that, too. To echo what Misty said, talk to the staff! There are so many details they can share that are not necessarily written down on a panel or heard during the tours. They are one of a visitor’s best resources.

What’s your favorite place in San Antonio?

I love the Pearl! They offer a diverse array of things to do for all ages. There’s so many delicious restaurants there and they are constantly adding new features, including shops, restaurants, and events. Definitely a go-to when I’m looking for something to do or have friends visiting from out of town.

Any tips for someone planning a visit to the Alamo?

If you plan to visit during the summer, I recommend coming in the morning as it tends to be cooler and the best time to take our new guided walking tour. The Bowie Exhibit is a must-see as well!