Book of Orbs Web App Beta available for all users.

Feb 28, 2018 · 3 min read

Last year, EverdreamSoft and IndieSquare moved to resolve an issue created when Book of Orbs was no longer available on the iOS App Store. As a result, the BitCrystals team (built up of Book of Orbs’ Parent Company; Developer EverdreamSoft — founder of Spells of Genesis — and technical partner IndieSquare) took it upon themselves to elevate the user experience in this latest rendition of BoO.

With this new variation of Book of Orbs, the web client — available for testing now — will afford users with capabilities beyond the mobile app’s API interface.

Users currently experience client-side encryption whilst trading and purchasing ORBs aka digital assets and cryptocurrency, on the Book of ORBs decentralized interface between various gaming environments.

The newly available web app begins by offering this and more, in a new method of accessibility to users across the globe, that surpasses the limitations of app store regulation. As a result, updates can be implemented quicker and new layers of functionality can be added further down the line that could not be done before.

Additional features that are not included in the mobile interfaces will include an RBF (Replace by Fee) function — allowing users who have set a custom fee for instance, and are now are experiencing a stuck transaction, to resend the transaction with a higher fee — in an attempt to ‘unstick’ it.

Users will also have the benefit of forgoing a 12-word passphrase login, whilst maintaining the same security as the mobile app counterpart. By connecting to their Indiesquare wallet via the inbuilt QR code sign-in option, users can select their preferred method of sign-in when displayed on screen.

A user leaderboard will also be included as a way to honor the Book of Orbs community that has so loyally been with us since the Book of Orbs journey began.

This initial resolve to an issue regarding iOS users has expanded to an exciting milestone in the Book of Orbs timeline.

Start using the Web App Now:

Android users are also advised to also use the web app via their mobile browser for the most streamlined experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you encounter any issues or bugs at

Disclaimer: At this time the web app will support the bitcoin core blockchain as per the Counterparty protocol that supports the majority of gaming environments available in Book of Orbs.

This also the first stage in a move to allow third-party development into the project, allowing for more innovative expansions and multi-blockchain adoptions of the project across both Android and iOS devices.

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