Memo: Change of account name, Book of Orbs to BitCrystals

Starting 9 November 2018, the Book of Orbs Medium account will be renamed to Bitcrystals. The digital wallet Book of Orbs is one of the products BitCrystals has integrated in its portfolio of products. Once the change is made, please expect that the content of our Medium account is going to include Book of Orbs announcements and other BitCrystals related news such as Casa Tookan, Spells of Genesis, à table! and other future projects.

Previous posts on Book of Orbs will remain in the new BitCrystals account. Thank you for your understanding.

About BitCrystals is a blockchain game and collectibles publisher that offers game developers a suite of tools and services to help them make the most of the new marketing and revenue opportunities that the blockchain brings. This includes advisory services, innovative blockchain marketing techniques, access to the BitCrystals cryptocurrency, and strategic and technical advices with blockchain publishing or integration of blockchain assets in their project.

The BitCrystals ecosystem provides users with an ever-growing range of tools allowing the creation and management of digital assets, their integration in different products, the creation of user-generated content and trade / exchange of digital assets. is owned by Swiss-based parent company EverdreamSoft which develops mobile games and applications for the blockchain. Its mission is to promote true ownership of digital assets.

The BitCrystals Team