Welcoming Casa Tookan to the BitCrystals Family.

Aug 1, 2018 · 2 min read

As a part of the BitCrystals ecosystem, Book of Orbs is happy to take the opportunity to welcome Casa Tookan to the family.

What will become a home to Book of Orbs and Spells of Genesis alike, via its hosting platform to third-party applications as a predominant feature; the application — set to be available on iOS and Google Play — will feature mainly as a multichain wallet.

The wallet basis of Casa Tookan will integrate Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain assets at its core. Playing upon its name ‘casa’ meaning ‘house’, the project will then extend outwards as mentioned, to include third-party applications and a newsreader with the much more anticipated atomic swaps roadmapped for development later on.

This latter point will really make strides to punctuate Casa Tookan and its hosting concept.

With the initial launch planned for September 2018, Casa Tookan is a welcome addition to the BitCrystals family following the loss of new Book of Orbs installs from the iOS app store. With every effort put forward to optimize the user experience through the Book of Orbs web application, Casa Tookan will help ensure that both iOS and Android users will get the same experience without going through frequent updates — whilst still getting the same Blockchain-based security.

There is no doubt, an added nicety in the streamlined accessibility to favorite apps within the community. Apps that are already integrated with one another such as Book of Orbs and Spells of Genesis — as mentioned — will all be in one place with Casa Tookan.

Ethereum-based features, such as Cryptokitties and asset management wallets; alongside other based games, is an added perk and brings forth long-term goals of multichain support with Book of Orbs itself.

To learn more follow Book of Orbs and BitCrystals on Twitter or email us with your questions!

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